TOCO Health is a health initiative that targets both mental and physical health issues in the Caribbean. Programs and campaigns are designed to educate and address the needs of children affected specifically by diabetes and domestic violence. Additionally, TOCO delivers medical supplies to underfunded health facilities.

DIABETES AWARENESS INITIATIVE: TOCO'S diabetes awareness program is designed to inform, educate and create a dialogue about diabetes prevention and treatment. At the core of the program is to educate children about health, nutrition and exercise and how a healthy lifestyle can stop this preventable disease. TOCO also delivers blood glucose meters, test strips, educational and nutritional materials for distribution and encourages people to get tested for diabetes.

THE TOCO CLOTHESLINE PROJECT: In an effort highlight the link between women and children’s health and domestic violence, TOCO launched The TOCO Clothesline Project. Modeled after The Clothesline Project that originated on Cape Cod, MA in 1990, it serves as a vehicle for women and children affected by domestic violence to express their emotions on a t-shirt. They then hang the shirt on a clothesline to be viewed by others as testimony of their plight. Since 2010, TOCO has partnered with local schools and women's groups in an annual ceremony to hang tshirts on a clothesline in the center of town. TOCO’s goal is to raise awareness about domestic violence in the Caribbean, specifically how domestic violence affects children physically, emotionally and psychologically.

DONATION OF MEDICAL SUPPLIES TO HAITI: Since its inception, TOCO has been instrumental in orchestrating and organzing the donation of medical supplies to various underserved hospitals and clinics in need in Haiti. Every year, TOCO works with doctors, nurses and other medical personnel to send supplies range from bandages to anesthesia machines.

PARTNERSHIP WITH HELPAWS IN ST.LUCIA: The purpose serves to help prevent the overpopulation of dogs and cats. By preventing feline and canine reproduction, we reduce the number of unwanted animals being born in an already overpopulated country where many animals face untimely horrific deaths. Through neutering, felines will live a healthier life, as they will have a lower risk of getting uterine and other cancers of the reproductive systems.

TOCO SPORTS is the staple of TOCO's programming and initiatives. It was created to support and provide underprivileged communities with balls, uniforms, and gear to encourage children of all ages to engage in sports programs rather than be lured by the violence of the streets. In 2009, TOCO distributed over 500 soccer balls and 600 uniforms to children in five underprivileged communities in St. Lucia. Since then, TOCO has expanded the program to Trinidad, Haiti, and in 2013 will expand the program to Grenada, Dominica and St. Vincent.
TOCO SOCCER CLINICS: TOCO supports coaches and volunteers in underserved communities with an existing sports program or those that seek to launch a sports program in their community. Chilldren participating in the program must be in good standing in school and have proper attendance records. Practices, scrimmages, and games are organized by each individual coach as they see fit.
TOCO COLLEGE SHOWCASE: TOCO serves as a liasion between U.S. college coaches and student-athletes to emphasize the importance of academics in sports at the college level. TOCO conducts lectures to prepare students for the challenges of higher education as well as college sports.
EQUIPMENT DONATION: TOCO collects new or gently used sports equipment for soccer, volleyball, basketball, tennis, and boxing. Donations include balls, team uniforms, tshirts, shorts, sneakers, cleats and other gear. TOCO distributes equipment during every mission trip.
NUTRITION EDUCATION: TOCO conducts educational lectures on the importance of nutrition, exercise and a healthy lifestyle in schools across the islands. The goal of the program is to educate and give children practical lessons in making positive dietary choices as a means to prevent diseases such as diabetes and to combat childhood obesity.
TOCO’s enrichment programs strive to enrich the lives of children through various learning and artistic programs that will allow them to immerse and express themselves in a creative environment. In 2011, TOCO launched its annual toy drive, delivering and distributing toys to children in need during the holidays. TOCO also provides school supplies, musical instruments, computers and other educational tools to help encourage and engage Caribbean youth to learn beyond the classroom.

TOCO ANNUAL HOLIDAY TOY DRIVE: TOCO collects new, unwrapped toys to distribute as gifts to children in the Caribbean during the holiday season.

TOCO BACKPACK PROGRAM: TOCO supplies school children with backpacks filled with essential school supplies at the beginning of the school year. The goal of the program is not only to give students the proper tools for success but mainly to boost children's self-esteem, confidence and pride in doing so.

AFTERSCHOOL PROGRAMS: TOCO continually strives to support schools with various afterschool programs in the area of sports, music and art. TOCO works with music companies and sports organizations to collect instruments (guitars, flutes, violins), computers, sports gear and other items to encourage students to learn, play and engage rather than be lured by the violence of the streets.