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Dermot Hussey - XM/Sirius Satellite Radio - The Joint

"Songwriter Taj Weekes draws inspiration from poetry: the imagery of the elements in ‘Rain Rain’ and the fine ironies of inaction in the Land Of Dreams since the levees broke."

Ted Boothroyde - Contributor - The Beat Magazine and

"Rain Rain fits perfectly within the rest of Taj Weekes' oeuvre: a gentle and very appealing musical setting for a poetic, yet very pointed, exposure of uncomfortable truths."

Anthony Postman - Editor - Reggae Festival Guide Magazine

"'Rain Rain' falls sweetly like water, a modern reggae blues in sentiment, a poignant message that Taj Weekes & Adowa deliver with sensitivity and heart. We're in for a treat if 'Rain Rain' heralds the upcoming sound of A Waterlogged Soul Kitchen."

"The album features the debut single Rain Rain: a tough song about Hurricane Katrina and the lack of effective action for the residents of the devasted states in August 2005."

Gilroy "Ezi" Hall - Contributing Editor for The Voice

"Taj is certainly Shakespeare reincarnated. The poetry in this selection is a work of genius. Can't wait to get this album!"

Scott "Goldfinger" Shisler - WTJU 91.1 FM - Reggae Vibrations - Charlottesville, VA

"Be it New Orleans... or Haiti... or Afghanistan... this song rings true. One of the qualities of reggae music that I so admire is 'skanking softly and carrying a big stick': the riddim may be soothing, but the words tell you something else, altogether. Love it."

Tracy "Too Dread" Moore  - KTHX 100.1 FM - Reggae Shack - Reno, NV

"Once again, the gentle voice of Taj Weekes delivers a powerful musical message. Combined with the peaceful and effortless musical backing of Adowa, a number you just want to slip into..."

Mister G - Green Arrow Radio - Madison, WI

"What a beauty of a track... makes me really want to dive ears/heart first into the entire album."

"I love Taj's way of writing viable and true songs about what the world is going through and how WE CAN feel like we HELP!! misterG/greenarrowradio looking so very forward to the new album."

Cutlass and Cane - Caribbean

"A beautiful song from St. Lucian Reggae artist Taj Weekes, about the pain brought on when Mother Nature decides to show us who’s boss. Can't wait to hear the entire album."


Taj Weekes and Adowa Release Rain Rain, Debut Single from A Waterlogged Soul Kitchen

Jatta Records presents Taj Weekes and Adowa’s ground breaking third album, A Waterlogged Soul Kitchen, set for worldwide release on October 26, 2010. Their debut single, Rain Rain, ushers in a deluge of fresh reggae songs laced with acoustic strings including guitar, violin and cello with splashes of soulful harmonica and a touch of afro-folk simplicity for an album that will challenge listeners to redefine common perceptions of reggae and where’s its heading as a genre.

Originally prompted by the circumstances created by Hurricane Katrina, Rain Rain laments the delayed and often ineffectual action following the devastating events experienced by residents of Louisiana and neighboring states in August 2005. Weekes vocalizes, “When the Rain Rain washed away / caring went away / now love’s gone dry beneath a saturated sky.” Weekes adds, “It seems appropriate that the song is ready for release just as the five-year anniversary of the disaster is commemorated.”

However, Weekes continues, “Though Rain Rain references Katrina, the message goes above and beyond the isolated story of a flood and brings to mind the continuous downpour of human suffering and natural disasters the world over and how quickly we forget.” He sings, “The newsreels are all soaked / the day the levees broke / since no one’s speaking / the roof’s still leaking. Now love’s down to a drizzle / memories how they fizzle / amnesia’s in they’ve forgotten.”

Rain Rain continues in the classic roots reggae tradition of singer as town crier or in more modern terms, as news commentator on world events. However, as sobering as the message may be in recalling images of many of the world’s recent tragic events… from hurricanes to tsunami to floods… one can not help but find a ray of sunshine and hope in this song with its easy flowing rhythm, bluesy harmonica accents and Weekes’ trademark raspy edged voice harmonizing with the smooth female backing vocals.

The release of the single Rain Rain is closely followed by the premier of the music video, filmed on location at the Fond Doux Estate in St. Lucia by director Drew Renaud, DP Christopher Arata and producer Ryan Kohler. View the video in coming days at


Song Lyrics

the newsreels went for broke

the day the leaves got soaked

since no one spoken, the experts chokin’

now love's down to a trickle

memories are so fickle

now love's gone dim sunshine came in


when the rain rain washed away

caring went away

now love's gone dry beneath a saturated sky


the newsreels are all soaked

the day the levees broke

since no one's speaking

the roof’s still leaking

now love’s down to a drizzle

memories how they fizzle

amnesia's in, they've forgotten


when the rain rain washed away

caring went away

now love's gone dry

saturated sky


so much concern, so little action

they show much concern 

betrayed in reaction


when the rain rain washed away

caring went away

now love’s gone dry

saturated sky


woe ooh woe yea

woe ooh woe yea