Musician, Singer/Songwriter, Poet, Freedom Fighter, Humanitarian.

This is Taj Weekes through the eyes of those who have been fortunate enough to experience his music and receive his message of love, peace, truth, triumph and hope. Many write of his deft skills as a songwriter, the uniqueness of his hauntingly beautiful falsetto, and the vibrant diversity of his musical arrangements. However when speaking with the man behind the music, one will find a simple man, dedicated to presenting pure, honest music with a simple message that transcends race, class, gender, age, and nationality. The seeds of his values and sense of his place in the world were all sown on a quiet Caribbean island many years ago.


His music is a product of his exposure to a wide spectrum of musical genres on St. Lucian radio.His message grew out of the innocent beauty of his island, but it was the plight of those less fortunate that awakened his social consciousness. His international travels expanded his world view, eventually coming to the realization that we are all one, as reflected in the title of his second album, DEIDEM (All of Us). The musician’s attraction to reggae music was not just in its melodies and tempos. This genre of music seemed to best embody his lyrics, which he would later declare to be ‘the voice of the voiceless.’ The songwriter, a self-proclaimed “town crier”, writes songs that speak of oppression in all of its forms, wars across the planet and the violence of poverty. The poet and freedom fighter seeks to illicit compassion for his subject while reminding us that even within the struggle, there is always hope. The humanitarian simply states that love for one another, through kindness and goodwill, will always prevail. But Weekes is a Humanitarian not in rhetoric alone. In 2007 he founded TOCO (“They often cry outreach”), a children’s charity dedicated to enriching the lives of Caribbean youth as well as raising awareness about the issues that affect them. Then In November of 2013 Taj was officially appointed as A UNICEF champion for children in St.Lucia.


Adowa, a disciplined team of talented musicians from differing cultures and with broad musical influences backs Taj Weekes live and on recordings. The name salutes the battle of Adowa in 1896, which ensured sovereignty for Ethiopia and proved crucial in the advancement of African independence and pride. Adowa’s specific line-up alternates from time to time, but at a typical gig you might see a bassist from Dominica steeped in soca, a classically trained keyboardist with roots in Barbados, a Jamaican reggae stalwart on drums, a Trinidadian guitarist, and backup singers from yet another island. What’s consistent is that the eclectic styles and tastes of its members ensure a freshness and inventiveness to Adowa’s arrangements. The faces may change, but the excellent musicianship, and the vibe, remain.

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  • 2014 Independent Music Award Nominee for Best Live Performance Album – Pariah in Transit
  • Shortlisted for Grammy nomination twice (2010 and 2013)
  • SXSW Showcase – 2011 and 2014
  • Strong 8 year tour history in the U.S. and Canada
  • Strong international radio and press presence 
  • Critically acclaimed 4 album catalog
  • Sold over 40,000 albums independently since 2005
  • Mentions in Rolling Stone and Billboard Magazine 
  • Songs played on over 1800 radio stations worldwide
  • Videos featured on MTV, VH-1, Fuse, BET and Tempo


  • Music available on iTunes, Amazon and Spotify
  • Travel:  15 passenger van + trailer (USA ONLY)
  • Stage Plot/Sound Rider:  See Full Rider under MEDIA
  • Backline:  The band provides their own back line, if needed
  • Lodging:  The band requires 4-5 double hotel rooms

*All logistics including contracts, deposits, advancing the shows, promo and travel arrangements are organized through Jatta.


SXSW ● Austin Reggae Festival ● River City Roots Music Festival ● Taos Solarfest ● Kalamazoo Island Festival ● Ann Arbor Music Festival ● Summerstage ● Salmon Arm Roots & Blues Festival ● Sierra Nevada World Music Festival ● Mt. Helena Music Festival ● Houston International Festival ● Lotus World Music Festival ● Midwest Reggae Festival ● Square Roots Festival ● African Music Festival ● Madison World Music Festival ● St. Lucia Jazz Festival ● Blissfest Folk & Roots Festival ● Festival International de Louisiane ● Roots ‘n Blues ‘n BBQ Festival ● Riverbend ● Toronto Beer Festival ● Newport Reggae Festival ● Woodbury Reggae Festival ● Roots & Blues Festival ● Roots ‘n Blues BBQ Festival ● People’s Festival ● Shakori Hills Festival ● Blissfest ● Bayfront Reggae Festival


Love Herb & Reggae (2016)

Pariah in Transit (2014)

A Waterlogged Soul Kitchen (2010)

DEIDEM (2008)

Hope & Doubt (2005)