Appeal from Taj Weekes for Emergency Hurricane Tomas Disaster Relief for St. Lucia

St. Lucia’s Prime Minister Stephenson King declared a state of emergency yesterday, appealing for international help for St. Lucia’s worst national disaster in recent history. Lives have been lost and many more are still missing.

The southern town of Soufriere and its neighbor Fond St. Jacques, near the landmark Pitons, have been hit the worst by the storm and many say the towns resemble a war zone. All roads to the area have been washed out and they are cut off from aid, supplies, electricity and water.

Other areas have experienced massive land and mudslides, floods, sinkholes, roads and bridges washed away. The island’s fresh water supplies have been contaminated by mud and other pollutants creating an extremely serious lack of fresh water, which will have to be brought in from other islands and countries. Relief shelters are full and in dire need of supplies.

To all those who are able to share even a little bit with those less fortunate than yourself, please join me in sending down relief supplies to our friends in St. Lucia. Through our last several visits with TOCO, I have had the opportunity to come to know Valerie Albert of HTS, the wonderful youth of ICAN (youth group) in Soufriere and RISE in Castries and their impeccable leaders, Dr. Stephen King and Dr. Jacqueline Bird. We will be working in conjunction with Dr. King, Dr. Bird and Ms. Albert to ensure relief dollars and supplies are put to good use.


They Often Cry Outreach (TOCO) St. Lucia Disaster Relief Fund

We are collecting donations, water and non-perishable food items to ship to St. Lucia in barrels next week. The most useful donations are monetary so that necessary items can be purchased as the needs of the displaced St. Lucians are determined. Please be as generous as you can in helping those that are without the basic human needs right now. Please donate now.


With my deepest gratitude and appreciation,

Taj Weekes