From: New Caribbean Cinema Some of my favourite freedom fighters fight through music. Bob Marley was one of them, Peter Tosh was another, Taj Weekes is a third. Take a look at this vid, hold a meds and make it your responsibility everyday to EXERCISE your hard-earned liberty…strength to those still fighting for it. BLESS UP. Janjaweed from Taj Weekes on Vimeo. […]

From: By Karin Check out this very cool video from Taj Weekes & Adowa, called  ”Janjaweed” from the album “A Waterlogged Soul Kitchen” on Jatta Records. According to the band – “Janjaweed” is being released to commemorate the independence of the Republic of South Sudan. The realization of this historic day is a testament to the […]

From: OkayAfrica By Aaron Rodriguez Watch this amazing animated vid where Taj Weekes roots out the the evil “Janjaweed” with the latest single off his album A Waterlogged Soul Kitchen. To commemorate the birth of Southern Sudan, reggae artist Taj Weekes has released this stunningly beautiful video as a musical memorial to all those who have suffered at the […]

From: Reggae Trends St. Lucian Reggae Artist Sings About Sudan’s “Devils on Horseback” To  commemorate the independence of the Republic of South Sudan, Taj Weekes & Adowa present “Janjaweed.” The track is taken from his album A Waterlogged Soul Kitchen on Jatta Records. The realization of this historic day is a testament to the tireless efforts of the people of South Sudan in […]

From: United Reggae By Sista Irie, Photos by Sista Irie Country Roads, Sierra Nevada Music Festival 2011 “Take me high above the mountains, let me fly on the wings of love” – Duane Stephenson, Misty Morning The mystical hills of Anderson Valley are best known for vinyards, sheep ranches and apple orchards- with one exception. Every June, […]

From: TAJ WEEKES of St. Lucia is not only a proficient and compelling artist, he runs a charitable foundation called THEY OFTEN CRY OUTREACH (TOCO), which is livicated to the upliftment of Caribbean children through sports, health and education initiatives. What: 2720 Cherokee When: Friday, July 15 Time: 9:30 pm Where: 2720 Cherokee, St. Louis, MO 63118 Tel: 314-276-2700 Tickets: $10, 21+

From: Bayfront Reggae & World Music Festival Taj Weekes & Adowa join the the celebration of world music representing St. Lucia, Africa, Cuba, England, Jamaica, Puerto Rico, South Africa, Trinidad, US, and more. The mission of the Bayfront Reggae & World Music Festival is to provide cultural entertainment through world music whose artists spread the message of […]