From: Little Village By Weekender When a hurricane comes to whatever town it’s going to hit, there is usually a quiet period when the eye of the storm passes over. You can go outside and engage in fairly regular activities until the next wall of the storm hits. Generally, you shouldn’t do this, but if you […]

From: Inside World Music By Matthew Forss Taj Weekes & Adowa A Waterlogged Soul Kitchen Jatta Records The soul-stirring, conscientious lyrics, and reggae-swagger of St. Lucia’s Taj Weekes and his Adowa Band bring to life an amazing set of songs with a bit of roots-rock, folk, and loads of island tempos. The album is largely contemporary […]

From: Vibrations Magazine France (July/August Issue) By David Commeillas English Translation: Taj Weekes, the Rastafari from St-Lucia, releases a superb third album  “When you play reggae but are not born in Jamaica, people often dismiss you. It’s as if the international public demands that artists have ‘Made in Jamaica’ tattooed on their arm. Nasio Fontaine should have […]

From: Sketches of Existence Blog By MixMasterE This song is taken from St Lucian-born (& former high school classmate) Taj Weekes & Adowa’s latest masterpiece, “A Waterlogged Soul Kitchen” which I have written about in previous posts (here and here). Of all the songs on the CD, this one stood out for me as it describes the unimaginable, heart-breaking horror […]

From: The Metro Conscious Culture Chicago welcomes Taj Weekes & Adowa to open for legendary classic reggae group, The Meditations, at The Metro on Thursday, August 11 at 10:00 pm. Doors open at 9:00. 18+ Tickets are $10 advance/$20 day of show. The Meditations are one of the most recognized reggae trios in reggae music. They began recording hits for Channel One […]

From: Iowa City Yacht Club Taj Weekes & Adowa return to the Iowa City Yacht Club for a repeat performance. Don’t miss this incredible show! The Yacht Club is Iowa City’s main source for live music set in an environment where you truly are part of the music. The Yacht Club is located in the basement of 13 S. […]

From: VOX from the Missourian Serious and passionate, Taj Weekes’s songwriting is closer to poetry than the reggae he performs. When not performing, Weekes serves as a Goodwill Ambassador. Minimum age: None Cost: $7 Location: The Bridge Date: Saturday, July 16, 8 p.m. Contact Information: 573-442-964

From: URB Magazine Photo by Brittany Somerset Taj Weekes is an enigma… on the one hand deeply serious and intensely passionate about his worldviews and on the other hand a gentle and humble man with a quick and easy smile. Driven to inspire conscious thought and provoke discussion through his poignant poetry and lyrics, Weekes says, […]

From: Notulus Taj Weekes, petit dernier d’une famille de dix enfants, a toujours baigné dans la musique. Dès l’âge de 9 ans il décide de monter un groupe avec ses frères et de se produire sur des scènes locales. C’est en voyant son plus grand frère se convertir dans le Rastafarisme que Taj a une nouvelle […]