Taj Weekes – His Rise to Stardom THE ST. LUCIA MIRROR Interview by: Reginald Andrew St. Lucia Reggae Star is International Taj Weekes’ early sibling rivalry for top local status with his brothers’ singing group and his persistent desire and love for music propelled him to excel at his musical craft. Weekes, a product of the […]

Taj Weekes and Adowa Still On The Rise YO! MAGAZINE – YOUTH ORIENTED MAGAZINE Taj Weekes and Adowa are in the studio currently recording their first acoustic album, “A Waterlogged Soul Kitchen,” which is scheduled for release soon. Inspired by events surrounding Hurricane Katrina, part of the album’s proceeds will go towards helping victims of the […]

Cultural Contraception HTS CHANNEL 4 SAINT LUCIA Story by: Carmy Joseph Three people involved in the arts are weighing in on the need to invest in Saint Lucian music and artistes. Two are artistes – one a musician, the other a poet. The other works with youth and argues that music can be used to sell […]